Halloween is coming! Ideas for perfect celebration

Why do children and adults love this “frightful” holiday so much? All kids love costumes and scary stories! And adults are right there with them. On October 31, you can become anyone you want: a vampire, a witch, or a creepy ghost.

It's also a great opportunity to have fun with the whole family! The preparation process is no less exciting than the holiday itself!

The pumpkin is the main attribute of Halloween! So, we have prepared free templates for you to help you easily bring it to life! Instructions for using templates for those who will carve a pumpkin for Halloween:

  • Download our templates
  • Print the template in the relevant size according to the pumpkin you have
  • Tape the template to the pumpkin and mark the outlines of the lines with a needle
  • Peel off the template and cut out the marked outlines with a sharp knife.

Download pumpkin templates 

And don’t forget about our book “A Tale for Halloween”! There is very little time left before All Saints' Day, order the book now and immerse yourself in the mystical atmosphere of this holiday.

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