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The main material is black
high-quality cardboard, 450 grams
. This means that our cardboard is thicker than most postcards.

Even to break just for the sake of it will be hard to do. We are aware that our target audience likes to actively explore the world with their hands (and teeth), so we tried to make books as durable as possible. We chose a special thick cardboard and as a mandatory requirement for our patterned illustrations, in addition to aesthetic criteria,
we added strength. This means that the silhouettes should be graceful, but at the same time not too thin. All parts of the illustrations are connected to each other, without “dangling” parts and form a strong patterned network that is not so easy to break.

Shadow Play™ books and Personages can be used for unstructured play. This means that each time you can come up with a different beginning and end of the story, changing it beyond recognition, adding new characters, scenes. All this allows you to use one book or set of Personages countless times, and neither you nor the child will get bored.

BOOK: In the beautiful gift box you will find a folding book made of thick black cardboard, an abbreviated text of the fairy tale and instructions for use.

PERSONAGES: a gift box with a set of shadow puppets. Each set contains 8-10 characters.

COMBO is the set of a book and personages with up to 20% OFF comparing to buying a book and a set of personages separetely.

We recommend the flashlight of your smartphone. In general, for the best result, you need a flashlight with one light bulb (LED), without reflectors and optics, then the shadows will be clear and contrasting. We noticed that a flashlight with a lot of bulbs and massive optics “breaks” the shadow and can ruin the viewing experience.

No other additional equipment is needed!

The plot is included in the box. We have a digital copy of it, as well as the audio book recorded by professional actors on the "Read&Listen" page

Since the beginning of our project,
we have collected some preference statistics. Children under the age of 5 like Thumbelina, The Bremen Town Musicians, Puss in Boots, Cinderella. Older children prefer The Nutcracker, The Jungle Book, The Little Gold Key and A Tale for Halloween.

The Snow Queen, Aladdin and The Little Prince are equally popular among girls and boys of all ages.

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