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Welcome to the world of SHADOW PLAY™!

There are 3 options to buy Magic Box: 


The option includes a Membership.
The Membership guarantees you an access to a secret section on our website with a fairy tale catalogue.
So you can buy more SHADOW PLAY™ Books and Personages from our collection on special conditions.

$59.99 per set: a Book + Personages

Choose a fairy tale you prefer and buy it whenever you want. Free shipping.

There are 12 favorite tales at the moment. 

MONTHLY BILLING subscription*

Buying a Magic Box with the subscription you get an access to our fairy tale collection. A new random Shadow Play story comes to your house monthly.
Subscribe and start receiving a new fairy set of a Book + Personages at the beginning of each month.

$39.99 per set instead of $59.99

Save $20 every month (compared to the Membership price). The first month of subscription is included! Free shipping.

*You can unsubscribe anytime. Once you stop the subscription you still retain the membership and an access to our fairy tale catalogue on special conditions.


Annual billing.
The most juicy and profitable option! A new SHADOW PLAY™ set (a Book and Personages) comes to your house each month for the next year.

$34.99 per set instead of $59.99

Save $275.00 (compared to the Membership price) and get the full collection of 12 magic fairy tales within a year. Free shipping.